Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why do people bitch about the weather?

No matter what it is doing outside, people bitch. It has rained in Maine the entire spring, as it does every year, and people complained about the rain. Now it is sunny and hot and they are still bitchin. When it was raining everyone was saying "will it ever be summah, "when is summah gettin here," and other Maine expressions you hear year after year. Now it sunny and hot and everyone is still bitchin. When it is snowing we complain about the snow saying things like: "how many inches you think we're gettin!" I love this one, "can you believe it's snowing again." Deal with your weather not matter what it is because you have no control over it. Mother Nature is much stronger than all of us, so have a good time in spite of the weather or move to what you think may be a better climate.


Emily said...

At least you don't have assholes fresh off the boat from Nebraska: "I cain't handle this here heat. Why it gotta be so hot here. Gawd dayum." Um. Then why did you voluntarily move to the EQUATOR.

Emily said...

By the way, you listen to Dave Matthews Band? You so cool, Susie. You should check out Jack Johnson and OAR, if you haven't heard them already. They're standard repretoire for New England private university twerps.

Anonymous said...

We live in a climate where at forty degrees the ear muffs and wool hats appear. The population is so old that any temperature is cold. Joseopine wears a horse blanket year round.
Today is was near ninety degrees and we were outside digging a new flower bed in this soil which is like clay.
Later we went to Home Depot and purchased landscaping timbers and a few boards. We looked like the Clampets driving up the highway with grandmaw in the back seat and lumber out the front window. A little class, an L.L. Bean beach towel was under the lumber in the front window.
Tomorrow we bake beans and continue the argument over the placing of the landscaping timbers. We plan to plant ivy to climb up the new lattice in the carport. Interesting or what.
For Father's Day Jay sent me Tim Russert's new book, WISDOM OF OUR FATHERS. I read some, cry some, and think what an asshole my father was.