Thursday, January 04, 2007

Signs of Spring with no Winter in sight.

Who says winter is long in Maine? Today I received the Gurney's Spring seed catalog and the LL Bean Early Spring catalog. We haven't even had winter yet. The temperatures have been 45 degrees and no snow. I want snow!!! All day long I hear people express: "I would rather have rain than snow," and "it could be worse, it could be snow." Winter sports, ie: snowmobiling, skiing, and ice fishing bring millions of dollars into the state of Maine each year. These people fail to see the bigger picture. Without the revenue from the snow, the cost of just about everything goes up. Maine is vacationland, a four season vacation delight!!! Besides, I have a kitty cat snowmobile that I am ready to ride. I guess until the snow arrives, I will just have to order my spring seeds and get a new bathing suit from LL Bean.

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