Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hog Heaven

Early morning sun hits the hog!

Per Uncle Frank, I always give my roses beer.

Annie takes a break.

The tree tops bloom!

Swimmers ready!


Anonymous said...

We are in a stretch of beautiful 70-80 degree weather with no rain which we need. We have been walking Huntington Beach each day when the tide is low.

The bike trail in Murrell's Inlet has been connected to the trail in Huntington Beach State Park. If I can find out where the Murrell's Inlet trail begins, we could ride our bicycles to the beach. I will need a new seat because the present one is uncomfortable.

There is a plan to have a bike trail along the Atlantic Seaboard but some towns are having trouble getting permisson because some old farts don't want the trail to pass in fron of their home; they are everywhere


susan said...

Events abound!!! Bocce practice starts tomorrow, I'm going to Bocce training camp this weekend at Camp Tall Pines in Poland, David arrives Friday night, and the "Great Fishhing Expedition of 2007" begins on Sunday. Whew!