Monday, August 27, 2007

Good fences make good neighbors.

Matty Stewart, Annie, and I got rid of the Fourth of July banners on the fence this evening. It was way over due. The banners were orange, blue, torn, and brown. Fall is my favorite time of the four seasons, so I say "seize the moment."

We found these scary guys at Reny's in Dexter yesterday, but could not think of how to get them home on the bike? Fortunately, Matt was back in Dexter today with a big truck.

The ice cream truck actually came up Michael Drive tonight because he saw the festivities and figured a party was going on.

I think I might want this guy's job.


Emmasensei said...

Recipe for tomato pie:

pie crust-- a pre-made one is easier; otherwise use a Jiffy mix and bake it for ten minutes before filling (I just didn't have a round pie pan)

filling: layer drained sliced tomatoes, on bottom, toss in a handful of spinach, add more sliced tomatoes on top, season with basil, salt, pepper.

topping: Mayo mixed with feta cheese or bleu cheese.

bake it at 350 for 25-30 minutes. Easy peasy

Emmasensei said...

oh, I forgot-- I put some yellow onion in, too! It's sort of hard to mess this up, though.

susan said...

Thanks Em, I'll try that soon as more killer tomatoes have arrived.

susan said...

How much mayo? I need details.