Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Summer abounds!!!
Everything is just bloomin!

This is the Japanese Maple we planted when Emily went to Japan. I was a little concerned when the deer ate the tops off her last winter, but she is coming back loud and proud.
My only Iris, so far.
I love my lupine.

Matt and I had a great dinner the other night in Seal Harbor at the "Jordan Pond House." It was a birthday celebration and I wish I would have taken more pics. Of course, Matt and I sought some photo ops on the way out of Acadia National Park.


Anonymous said...

Spring did finally come to Maine.

Years ago we had tea and popovers at the Jordan Pond House. Who had a birthday.

Today we are going to Maine; I had the oil changed in the car and we visited the Jockey store last weekend. Had the porch roof patched and are looking for someone to mow the lawn. I have three or four more days of work. Whether or not we travel, I am not working for the next two months. The called me at midnight last night to come to work at 3 a.m. because some dildo did not show up. However they are paying me vacation pay which has not happened for a few years.
Your mother has a doctor's visit on Monday to get the prescriptions for the summer.

Change the sheets the Clampets arae on the road.

Emmasensei said...

Working the Nicole Richie arm pop, I see.

susan said...

Dear Mom and Dad,
It was Rena's birthday and we had dinner with her family. Matt had the prime rib and I had this wonderful pasta dish with shrimp and scallops. Of course, we had crab cakes, popovers, and wine. We must go to Bar Harbor and eat at Jordan Pond House when you are up visiting. Mom and I always used to go to Sand Beach in Acadia National Park and then pig out on steamers and lobstahs on the way home. See you soon.