Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day 2008

Bobby and Rita's little slice of heaven.
Our neighbors Ken and Laurie with their dog "Chase"
K and L have a brand new four wheelin, stump pullin, big machine that everyone enjoyed riding!
Our other neighbors have a great sign!

Thank God for Mallett Hall. We needed water in a bad way.

When in doubt? Go back to the places you know and call your Daddy!
We were able to fill up on 60 gallons of water and visit with Mrs. Whitney!

The camper kitchen table has some of my favorite things: like the singing lobster from Jerry and Dave, fresh corn and tomatoes, and the basket of silverware from a yard sale.

The shore of Duck Lake.

Annie is quite comfy in the camper living room.


Anonymous said...

All you need in life is a dog and a truck.

susan said...

Pretty much.