Saturday, January 31, 2009

This one is for you Dave!

Your fishin buddies went back to one of favorite fishin spots without you.
It was 55 below zero outside the ice shack.
They scored about 20 salmon. Had three trucks that would not start. Ate great food including: moose meat, chop suey, and breakfast in the ice shack.
Played and cheated at poker while solving all the world's problems.

Sleds are required.
The camp has had many improvements in the past couple years.


Unknown said...

I'm glad the fishing trip was a success. I think it was too cold for me. Come to Florida and catch some snook in the mangroves! (like catching salmon)

susan said...

Dave, how do you cook a snook?

Anonymous said...

Those fishermen in that shack are saying. "Please, can I go home now?"