Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

We were all excited to go to camp this weekend. Circumstances did not allow: like a truck that does not run after $600.00 of repairs, a lack of desire to load up camp gear, and too much stuff to do around the homestead.
We stayed home and worked around the yard with Annie supervising.

I had happy feet.
Fed the little tiny birds with a new feeder.

The barn got new flowers.

My chives inspire me to plant a new and improved herb garden this year.

We cleaned and moved the bird bath. It's very heavy and looks much better in it's new location. It fits perfectly on the stump of the "Jerry" tree we recently cut down.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have a place like yours where I could make thinks and have a place to put them. This house is so full of junk that I feel sorry for anyone who has to clean it out. Call the Salvtion Army and have them come with a truck.
The finish on your deck turned darker than I remember. It was light when we put it one.
You must have had a warm spring for chives to have grown that much. We were not able to use them in Lee until the middle of the summer. I tried herbs here but nothing will grow in pure sand. Eight more days of work!

susan said...

Thanks for commenting Dad. I have tried to respond twice before, but can't seem to comment on my own blog.