Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bathroom Renovation!

We are renovating the master bath, thanks to our housemate and resident plumber.
We have three new super high rise, easy glide toilets and a load of old bath stuff.
Matty Stewart found a deal on new deck seat cushions.
I keep planting.
Found a great deal on herb garden bling at Marden's yesterday.

Also a $3.95 pool sign.


Anonymous said...

Those high rise toilets will be ideal for you ageing house guests. Jerry is due on Wednesday and then on to the great adventure.

Put up a gate to keep your mother out of the bathroom while Matt is in the shower.

It is a mystery why your deck and railing turned such a dark color. It was almost a maple color when we put it on.

susan said...

We love our new high rise toilets. I feel like a queen every time I pee. New tub is arrives on Wednesday, along with our new washer and dryer. Annie goes to the vet the same day, so I am taking her to work with me for the day so she can avoid the trauma. Big doings!!