Saturday, August 22, 2009

We love our new bathroom!

Our old dingy master bath is now 100 percent renovatived. Love the new big tub and ceramic tile. Neil did a great job.
The vanity Matt got for me as a birthday present a few years ago looks great.
Bathroom reading material with some shells from Myrtle Beach of course.

Love the new high rise tiolet.
A bowed shower curtain is the best and I used a coupon for the new shower curtain at one of my best friends, "Bed, Bath, and Beyond."


Anonymous said...

Your new bathroom looks great. I want one of those high-rise flushes to accommodate my creaky knees. I hope there is no paper on the walls.


Jerry said...

Lovin' the bathroom. I purchased some bathroom bling for you at the flea market yesterday.