Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day weekend at Duck and Dobsie Lakes.

I love this boat!
We cruised all over Dobsie Lake. The weather was perfect.
Rita and Bobby had family visit.

Bobby and Matt were catching fish left and right, with Rita providing supervision.

Our fire pit continues to be a work in progress. We upgraded this year by adding a steel tire rim to contain the fire better.

Works like a charm.
Gathering wood is a favorite activity while at camp and a necessity as the nights start to get quite chilly.

Captain Matt with Skipper Bobby.

I'm not so sure if we did this or not.

Rita's nephews loved fishing off the dock...

...while the men told fish stories.

This is a little cabin on an island on Dobsie Lake that I wish belonged to us.

The more time I spend on Dobsie, the more I realize why my Uncle Roy loved it so much.

Thank you my Native American friends.

Hero and his Dad fished the back of the boat.

Hero was in his glory.
This is the shore of Duck Lake just down from our little slice of camping heaven.

I love pond lilies.
On the shore of Duck Lake. It's very pretty but not good for swimming. Very mucky, weedy, and we have seen blood suckers. I was a spoiled child and spent every summer where I could go swimming right in front of our camp. Personally, I am looking for a place on Dobsie where I can do that again.
In the meantime, this will certainly do nicely.

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