Sunday, June 25, 2006

Postcards from Carmel

These are the primrose my friend Carol gave me a couple of years ago.
Farmer on break.
Dad, this is the Virginia creeper from Mallett Hall!
The purple flowers are called "cranes bill"


Anonymous said...

I should have made a sturdier arbor for the virginia creeper. If you allow it to grow it will eventually cover the arbor if the arbor doesn't collapse.
Wall Mart has some respectable arbors which you could put in the place of my creation. I carried virginia creeper--woodbine--to South Caroliina and it did not flourish. It just sits there wisiing it were back in Maine.
Does ivy survive the Maine winters?

On the way to the doctor this afaternoon to check you mother's latest ailmant.

susan said...

I guess it would depend upon the ivy.

Anonymous said...

At one time English Ivy covered the walls of the classroom building at Lee Academey so it would survive in Carmel.

Your mother's doctor said her condition was caused by a combination of the sun and and an antibotic (sp) which he gave her previously. Not shingles!Discontinue the medicine and use Lanicane for the itch.

No complaints today so conditions have been corrected

susan said...

So glad it is not shingles. Mom must wear sunscreen from now on. Did he change the antibotic scrip? Glad she is better!

Anonymous said...

Englisy Ivy survives everywhere; some people consider it a weed.