Monday, August 28, 2006

Virginia Creeper

Yo Dad, this is the Virginia Creeper from Lee, Me. It's growing great, but when does it blossom? Here are some pics of other plants growing in my yard.


Anonymous said...

Virginia Creeper--Woodbine does not blossom; it is purely a vine which will cover the trellis in little time. I wish I had made a sturdier trellis but I used material I found around the farm. Perhaps next summer it can be corrected.
The Creeper at Mallett Hall was neglected and filled a cedar hedge and grew along the book which is where I found your clipping.

Enjoyed the pictures of the farm and Annabelle. These pictures were lost for a time until I looked into your archives.

I don't believe Ernesto is headed for Maine. We had much-needed rain with little wind.

susan said...

What? It doesn't blossom? That sucks.

Anonymous said...

Next spring I am planting Black Eyed Susan vines. The seed is available on line from Burpee.

I have had Black Eyed Susan plants here for a couple of ears but the rabbits love them. I had a fence arund the plants but herself thought it was ugle so it came down and the rabbits moved in.

A trellis of Virginia Creeper makes a good entrance to the wood lot next to your house. Admire it and leave it alone.