Friday, September 29, 2006

No way quay!

Matt and I finally finished a week long scrabble game. It was down to the wire when he scored with Quay, (that doesn't sound right?) He got a triple word score for the word: quay. Who knows what a quay is? Not me, so we checked with old Mister Webster. Quay: a platform that runs along the edge of a port or harbor, where boats are loaded and unloaded. Matt scored with quay and won the first game of the season by 60 points. This is war!


Anonymous said...

The Sarasota Quay is a fancie, shmancie place to hang out. The doc's I used to work for took us there for our Xmas party a couple times. Michael's on the Quay was excellent, but turned into a packed groping disco at 10:00 PM. There is also Da Ru Ma, a Japanese steak house. There was a lited boat parade when we were there. I need to know the difference between a key and a cay. Florida's got a million of both. What is the difference between an island and an isle?
I have only played one game of scrabble in my life, but I am a crossword fiend, especially the Sunday crossword. Some day I'll complete it.

Anonymous said...

Everything stops here until I attempt to complete the two crossowrds which are in out daily paper. They are progressively more difficult from Monday to Saturday.
I am having a bad day today because I began the Saturday puzzel at 5 a.m. and had little success.
It is a beautiful fall day here; a little cool to walk the beach.

Board games remind me of checkers.

Emily said...

I knew what a quay is. Hah.

"Quay" can also be pronounced like "key."

Sooooozie. I want to come to Maine and go snowmobiling and wear plaid clothing. Plaid is like so hot right now.

susan said...

Come anytime! There is a new LL Bean outlet opening in Bangor where you can find all kinds of plaid. I'll even let you wear my pink Arctic Cat hat.