Sunday, April 22, 2007

Life's A Beach!!!

Mom, Dad, and Johnnie enjoying cocktails on the deck.

The front porch of our beach house was always full of festivities.

Mom and Matt enjoying the view.

Johnnie's son Kip catching a wave.

Girls just wanna have fun!


Matt and Bobby trying to catch a big old fish.

This is the view as you step off the dock.

Jerry and I managed to catch the sunrise.

Looking down the beach.

Suitable for framing.


Anonymous said...

Just for the record, Johnny prefers his name spelled with a "y", not "ie".

Thank you for your continued support!

Great Pics, I miss it already. Someone else is enjoying our rockers.

Anonymous said...

It sure was hard to leave a place like that. I miss the ocean.

But there is always next year.

susan said...

Thanks for commenting you guys! I woke up Sunday morning and thought I heard the ocean calling me. It was merely my ceiling fan and I wanted to cry.

susan said...

What a Wonderful time and place to be,and have everyone with us to share this peaceful and stunning landscape. It was a definate lift to the soul and cannot wait until next time.

susan said...

Comment #4 was left by Matt even though it says "Susan says."