Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mission renovation

What we thought was a one day project turned into a three day project.

It must be fall because my Japanese lanterns are in bloom.

Matt having too much fun.

I am always so glad to see this man, especially in the middle of a renovation.


Anonymous said...

The fizzies did their work. The renovation looks great. What did you do with all that "stuff" that was in that room? Like the color.

Your didn't post a picture of the kitchen floor from Tuesday.

susan said...

The stuff either got thrown out or somewhat organized in the cellah dwellah room, also known as your bedroom, which has a propane heater in it now. It will be warm down there throughout winter. I'm pretty happy about the fact. Come any time!
I still don't like to talk about my kitchen floor from Tuesday. I still gag when I think about it.