Monday, October 01, 2007

Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat.

This blogs for you Dave, my faithful reader!
After much negotiation, wheelin and dealin, Matt has a new boat. Reasons he gave me for needing this boat included: the big boat won't fit in small ponds and streams when the brook trout are runnin, it is easier to trailer and handle, and it is a pretty shade of green. My personal favorite reason was "I've never owned a brand new boat, only used."
He first got a 14 footer with a 15 horse power Yamaha which did not seem to plane off when the twins took it for a test drive. They blamed it on the pitch of the motor or something like the angle of the dangle. I happened to read the maximum capacity label on the inside of the boat and my guess is the twins exceeded the limit. Anyway, that boat was returned for a 16 footer with a 20 horse Honda.

Matt found the big man seats on ebay. They have been fishing a couple of times in the new boat and it appears to float.

I'm glad will still have the big boat.


Unknown said...

David says:

Wow! I like the new boat. Wish I could go fishing every day. I'll have to come up to Carmel again and give her a test ride some time. We could sheet rock your living room area, Matt, and reward ourselves with a fishing excursion..

Unknown said...

David says;

OH! I've always heard that the Honda outboards are great. Thanks for the boat showing. Wish I was there to help fondle it.

susan said...

Glad you like the new boat Dave, come fishing anytime, but why does the living room need to be sheet rocked? It's the master bath that needs serious help. You are more than welcome to tackle that project and then go fishing.