Thursday, December 27, 2007


Santa brought me great new books! This is Ken Follett's sequel to "Pillars of the Earth," one of my all time favorite books. I cried when I opened it.
Who wouldn't love a book about the best dogs in the world, especially when I live with one.
Thanks Mom and Dad! I love the new bookmark as well. I don't know which one to read first.


Anonymous said...

Pillars OF THE EARTH, and VALLEY OF THE HORSES are two of my favorite books. I read each at least once a year.

You will enjoy Pontoon; it has some of the most clever scenes I have read.

You mother gave me Rhett's side of the story. That is not the correct title; the book is not outstanding.

Buy John Grisham's THE INNOCENT MAN. It is frghtening to see how miscarried justice and corrupt local policeman can put innocent people in prison for years.

Thanks for the L. L. Bean coat. It is just the right weight for this climate.

Your mother has been pushing taking down the Christmas decorations; she hasn't told me why the rush.

susan said...

You must go get "World Without End." I will never give up my copy. Glad you like the coat, it fits, and is right for the climate.

Unknown said...

David says:

World without end, huh? There is an end.