Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's a full moon...

Elaine has a spooky eye. She always has, because she is a cat and all, but this weekend her eye was especially weird.

Matt is always weird.
And every full moon, Johnny and I like dress alike.


Unknown said...

David says:

Elaine, looks like a good kitty. Are your pictures taken at Johnny's home? I like the wallpaper.

susan said...

Hey Dave, thanks yet again for commenting. That's Kim and John's kitchen. We rocked their world last Sunday and came to visit.

Anonymous said...

for those that are curious about
elaine's eye. she has a type
of melanoma in her eye for
about 4 years now. it makes me
sad because she had the most beautiful green cat eyes ive
evah seen. thank god it hasnt
progressed to her other eye.
i do love her so!