Monday, February 25, 2008

Adventures at Dobsie Lake!!!

This is a beautiful view of Dobsie looking down towards "the narrows."
One must be equiped!

We found this camp for rent on-line. It's a six bedroom, 1.5 bath unit for $125.00 per night. Pretty cozy and has a basement with a wood furnace.

Kitchen is key!

Comes all decorated for Christmas in late February.

It's "The Depot" of Dobsie Lake.

Of course, Bobby was there.

And then the last day, Mark snagged this 30 pound salmon with his "Big Ben" fishin' trap.

Now, that's a Big Old Fish!!!


Unknown said...

David says:

Does it taste like fish? lol lol

Big Ben ice fishing, huh? lol

jenny said...

There are fish in MAINE? I kid... My husband goes ice fishing up there yearly and comes back empty handed or with pictures of the tiniest fish I've ever seen. Too funny, I'll have to show him this.

susan said...

Thanks for commenting Jenny, Nice to meet you my blogging friend. Tell your husband not to get too excited with the big fish, it was actually off the cabin wall and was caught somewhere in Canada. The boys did however have pretty good luck on this fishing trip. They caught quite a few fish and a three day hangover. Where does he go fishing in that area? Matt can give him some tips on the hot spots to fish. Stay in touch, Jenny and Happy Adventures in Vacationland!

jenny said...

Hi there, he actually is going this day to Wyman Lake and one on Pleasant Pond (he's staying in The Forks)....he would LOVE an inside tip!