Saturday, March 01, 2008

Storm Center Carmel, ME

Reporting to you live from Michael Drive.
As you can see, the street on which we live is full of activity and snow.

Annie and I played in traffic today.

I feel bad for the birds

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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine Silver Lake with this much snow. We had trouble with a reasonable snow fall. Those grinning, toothless, rednecks who piloted the town plow, took great pleasure speeding down the hill at the entrance to our driveway and filling the space, which we had recently shoveled, with a foot of slush. The snowblower, which I had at the time, was not capable of plowing a sidewalk let alone that twisiting driveway which held all the snow blown off the lake.
After a day of shveling we had to take ashes out of the furnace and carry more wood to keep the house at a comfortable 85 degrees which your mother demanded. The temperature whould then go below zero and I would wonder all night which would freeze first; the well or the septic tank.
The Fourth of July is a very pleasant season in Maine.