Sunday, October 19, 2008

See you next summer!

We were overdue for closing up the pool this year, but it is done.
I'll miss my poolside views when it is 20 below this winter.
Annie hangs tough and soaked up some Vitamin D today.


Anonymous said...

Is that the Japanese Maple in the background? Ours is alive but it has not grown in three years. Annabelle looks good for her condition.

Today I had a biopsy on my nose and one on my arm. Two suspicious things were agrowing and not improving. I will learn the results later. I hope nothing happens to the character of my nose. The doctor's family name is Jones so he must be capable. Your mother says he is too young to know anything.

susan said...

Thanks for always commenting Dad, you are always one of my biggest fans. Yes, that is the Jap Maple in the background. The pool is now covered with a black cover and the deck furniture is put away. It is sad, but we are twisted individuals and look forward to the snow. Annie goes back to the vet on Saturday. Her new medication is working bettter than the last, but she still as issues with side effects. However, the new stove in the living room seems to be comforting to the entire family.