Sunday, December 28, 2008

Storm riders.

After a big breakfast at our one and only Carmel restaurant, the famous Seafood Galley, Matt and I took the big truck out four wheelin in the freezing rain.
We cruised by the deer farm near our house. These guys are just waiting to be on someones dinner plate in Europe.

We continued to East Corinth to check out the house Mark has put in an offer to purchase.
It has a mini barn which I consider a necessity.

A two car garage where we can store some of our toys.

And a day light basement for a mere $92,000. We hope he gets it!


Anonymous said...

Very nice winter landscape pictures!

susan said...

Thanks John Briggs. Unfortunately, we found out that the home is full of mold because the pipes froze. Not sure whether it is worth the repairs for the purchase price.