Monday, April 27, 2009

The continuing drama of Michael Drive...

What a busy weekend around the homestead. Emily came to visit for the grand opening of the pool.
She brought along her grandfather, Sid, who is the best neighbor ever. He can fix anything.
I love a good birch tree. Matt insisted this tree had to be slaughtered because it put, "too much crap in the pool."

Emily is just glad she can stick her feet in the pool and can't wait to go swimming.

She insisted I take a picture of her new Hannah Montana fur lined crocs.
The Hog came out of hiding. It's for sale, by the way, my internet friends.
We want a camp instead.

I was surprised this weekend with a new ride of my own.

Matt found me this new bike at a yard sale. I have been looking for a new bike for a couple of years. I wanted a classic beach bike with gears. Most beach bikes have no gears because they ride on a flat beach. This baby has seven speeds. The previous owner bought it new last year for over $200.00. He thought it would help after his heart surgery. He rode it three times to Dysart's Restaurant for breakfast. If you have ever had a Dysart's breakfast, you know that biking there defeated the purpose of the ride.

To make a long story short. I have two new rides.

These are the trees our new neighbors cut down over the weekend.

I raked and was glad to see green stuff.

Sid and Jackie have the best garden in the neighborhood, as always.

Annie was just happy to get outside.

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