Saturday, April 04, 2009

Latest addition to the family.

After a busy shopping day, Matt and I stopped out to see Johnny and Kim for happy hour. We were just in time to meet their new baby.
Kim found him in Uncle Henry's of course. He is about three months old and 100 percent pure lovable.

Name that puppy? Since he just came home, he is still nameless. We tossed around several possible names today.

For the first hour in his new home, he appeared quite well behaved, had some fun, cat food, photo ops, and loves his crate. What a good boy!
I'm in love!!!


Anonymous said...

In THE STORY OF EDGAR SAWTELLE they used the American Dictionary to name their dogs. Just leaf through the dictionary, perhaps you will find SPOT.

susan said...

I just talked to Johnny and the name of the day is "Rusty." I think the name fits because of his scrappin little nature and two tone color.

Jerry said...

I still think Harry Barker is the best dog's name.