Monday, July 13, 2009

Girls just want to have fun in Boothbay Harbor!!!

I make such a good tourist.

We laughed alot and solved all the world's problems.
Lobster is a must when we get together.

Jen, the official tour guide.

I wanted to cast away on this yacht but Jen wouldn't let me.
This 13 pound beauty just came off the boat.

When in Boothbay, one must sit on the harbor and have Cape Codders.

We hung around the fence of knowledge but didn't get any smarter.
The weather was absolutely perfect.


Anonymous said...

Boothbay is a beautiful town. Carosul was fillmed there.
I am getting to your blog in a round-about way. Have a man coming tomorrow to help with adjustments after signing on to Road Runner

Niff said...

lol..the fence of knowledge - wait! I can't even remember that fence. :) what kind of "knowlege is that??"

Niff said...

that big ole lobster? I stole it..steamed it up and ate on it for a solid week. Yummy yum yum..

Niff said...

Hey! Who's that girl Jen? She is drop dead gorgous!