Monday, August 10, 2009

What a Wedding!!!

We attended one of the best weddings ever at the Bar Harbor Club this weekend
Such a beautiful setting!
Mother of the bride and the best boss I have ever had.
Cocktail hour on the patio over looking the Atlantic.
Matt toured the grounds.
This is one of my favorite little girls in the world, who looked like a princess. She was flower girl and obviously drop dead gorgeous!
I love big men! Travis is one of the best, the son of my boss, also brother to the bride, and just a all around great guy! We had our heads in the clouds.

Of course, the attempt at the " Paris Hilton arm pop."
I loved my dress!

My date was very handsome!

My bestest work buddy and her hubby!


Anonymous said...

What a beautful place for the wedding. Looking at the pictures, I can feel the good Maine air.

We are into the real sultry South Caroling summer weather. Ninety's every day and the humidity is like a bath.

You both look great in your finery.


Anonymous said...

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susan said...

Thanks Dad for your comments. It was so much fun and such a nice affair. Those who attended can't stop talking about it. Matt and I decided that if we ever won the power ball, we would buy The Bar Harbor Club, and we would all live there happily ever after.

Niff said...

ahhhhh - wouldn't that be nice? But then again - the heating bill in the winter? geesh....:( Oh, I get it, you win the powerball, buy the Bar Harbor Club and only open in the summer! Duh! Hi Susie's Dad!!

Niff said...

BTW..not only do I like your dress I like the "bling" Matt got you :)

Emmasensei said...

Haha, my wedding will NOT look like this. I love your dress too!