Saturday, August 19, 2006

Master of all trades!

Amongst our closest circle of friends, Matt is known for his fishing and culinary skills. He is referred to as the "master baiter" when fishing. He will bait your hook with live bait, worms, an endless variety of flies, and untangle your line when needed. He is also known for his baked beans, and therefore referred to as "master bean maker. " Today our neighbor, who is a serious christian of the baptist kind, (not that there is anything wrong with that), brought us some baked beans. Myself, fresh out of the pool and with some spiced rum under my belt, thanked her for the beans, it being Saturday and all. However, I think when thanking her for the beans I might have said, "Matt will love these he is a master baiter," and I meant to say "master bean maker." Oops. I love him for both. Today he was a master mower.

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Anonymous said...

In the baked bean bake off I would not come in second. Matt can take the lead in the other contest.

I attribute our long, healthy life to baked beans on Saturday night, Sunday morning, and the loft-overs on Wednesday. We have recently added macaroni and cheese to the hot dogs along with the beans. Perhaps now our life will end sooner with the addition of the carbs.