Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm obsessed too!

In keeping with Jerry and Emily's recent blogs about their obsessions: Jerry and her chairs, Emily and about everything. I figured I should expose one of my own obsessions. Scrapbooking stuff.
For my birthday, Matt gave me a personal photo printer for my cellah dwellah room.

Paper and stickers are everywhere.

And then there is my workbench...
I hit a great sticker sale recently and could not resist beach stuff.


Anonymous said...

That scrapbooking stuff has produced a lot of good stuff!
I like the color of the newly-stained front steps and the Lee sweatshirt--it is roomy but that was the only size left. This winter when it is 30 below, you can layer.


Unknown said...

David says:

You took a nice photo sitting on the steps. Typical Maine girl garb. You are a bonifide cellar dweler.