Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's not who you know...'s who you play poker with. Last night Matt attended an annual indoor golf and poker party at Smitty's. A fellow player from the county told him about an Amish community in Smyrna that builds cabins. I did a little research and found that the community does indeed build cabins, mini-barns, and furniture.
We are going up next weekend and talk to the Amish about building us a cabin.


Anonymous said...

Bernard Ayotte has furniture from the Amish Community near Houlton. His brother lives in a cabin from this community. Bernard insisted we stop on our way down from The County but, of course, we did not. I understand they do great work--it takes a great deal to impress Bernard.

susan said...

We got more info on the Amish cabins. The furniture is beautiful and we will certainly be back. However, they will not build a cabin wider than 12 feet. They will make it 40 feet long if you wish, but no wider than 12 feet. Go figure? I've never seen an Amish as big as Matt, which is good thing because they would not fit in the buggies or the cabins. We are checking out cabins in Waterville tomorrow. Pics will follow.