Saturday, March 15, 2008

Road trip to the North Country.

After a big breakfast at Seafood Galley, Bob, Rita, Matt and I hit the road to visit our little slice of heaven and the Amish community of Smryna Mills. This is beautiful Duck Lake from the beach area.
The Amish have a number of cabin options!

Matt and Bobby looking for the shitter.

They are really well built. The largest you can get is 12 wide by 32 long. We are thinking of getting a small and a large one and putting them together to make a larger cabin. The possibilities are endless. We really need to get more info from the Amish. They were not open to talk to today. I think they spend a lot of time praying that the tremendous amount of snow will soon melt.

I could make this very campy and home-ish.

Rita acting like a proud owner!

Oh so cute!

We saw a lot of bambi's today and I mean a lot!! Thankfully, none attached to the hood of the vehicle.

We own a slice of Lakeville.

Scenic view on the road to camp.

Our beach at Duck Lake. At least we think this is the beach, too much snow to tell. Can't wait to see it in spring!

The driveway to the property.

We blazed a trail.

Checking out the lay of the land.
Of course we stopped to eat again at Doobie's Restaurant across from Mallett Hall in beautiful downtown Lee, Maine.

While there, the local preacher stopped by.

My ancestors are from Lee and I never knew there was a Redneck Racing Team.

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Anonymous said...

very impressive matty, susan,
bobby and rita.
lotsa possibilities , great value
and quality product. be sure and
mention that you have a nice semi
jewish friend and you might get
a 10% discount!
new and exciting projects like
this really gets the blood flowing
doesnt it?