Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A blast from the past.

On the way out of Lee the other day, we stopped at the Lee Flea Market to see what all three vendors had to offer. There were no flea market finds until we met Eric Shory. Eric swears he is the guy that moved the first camp Mom and Dad built on Silver Lake (over 50 years ago), in order to make room for the house they built. He informed us that it was for sale and we should check it out. I was reluctant but Matt insisted we take a look at the old homestead. So back into Springfield we went. Take a left at the Lowell farm, go past the Alfred Clements farm for about 5 miles, and there it is. I must say, it looked better in its hey day at Silver Lake. No one in town knows what the asking price is or how much land comes with it. After looking at camps all day built in 2001 or 2003, as opposed to one built over 50 years ago and has been moved a few times, I wasn't impressed. I guess I'm just not that sentimental.

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Anonymous said...

The old camp on Silver Lake was purchased by the people at Mallett's Mill and moved for a hunting camp. They removed the roof and installed different windows. Eric Shorey may have been involved if he worked for the Malletts. That old camp would be colder than the hubs of hell; it was like an icebox when we had it and, no amount of heat would make it comfortable in the winter