Sunday, October 01, 2006

Camp shopping!

Matt and I went camp/land shopping in the Springfield, Lakeville, Lee area today. We looked at three camps: one was out of the question yet had 46 acres, two were really nice camps with less land. It's a beautiful area with access to many lakes.

We liked this camp. It is new and has 36 acres with it.

We are calling on this one tomorrow!

This we really, really liked. It comes with 10 acres.


Anonymous said...

Your were in the Dobsey Lake area. From Dobsey one can travel through a chain of lakes to Grand Lake Stream. Fifty years ago we spent the night at the head of Grand lake with Joan and Lawrence Cobb. My one experience spending the night in a sleeping bag with roots and rocks for a mattress.
I like any of the camps. Do you need a cook and care taker?

Anonymous said...

wtf are you going to do with 36 acres? Besides tag moose? Crazy Maine people.

susan said...

I'll tell you wtf:
1) Buy land! They're not making it anymore.
2) We can rent the camp to city slicker, wanna-be: hunters, fishermen, snowmobilers, four whellin fouls, and leaf peepers, for about $800.00 per week.
3) Build two more rental camps on the 36 acres. You do the math on the gross profit!
4) My own recreational enjoyment and that of my family and close friends!

Emily said...

"leef peepers"--haha

Why don't you start an organic food or vegan commune? There are too many hippie liberals with money to burn.

I want to come play. Shit. I should have applied to Colby.

susan said...

I thought about an organic food or vegan commune for about a second and then realized that hunters really don't go for that sort of thing. I want to help the poor hippie liberals with money to burn to: spend their money, get away from the city, experience the beauty of nature, ride a snow sled, catch a fish, piss in the woods, pad my bank account, and have no cell phone strength. Colby is a great school, you should come play!

Emily said...

Well, whatever you do, get Mom involved, because every time I talk to her she tells me how bored she is. I don't know if it's empty-nest syndrome (I'm guessing Michael isn't an engaging conversationalist) or an impeding middle-aged crisis, I'd rather have her planting organic tomatoes than buying Ferraris.

(I love you mommy)

susan said...

In my dreams, you all move back to Maine.