Saturday, October 14, 2006

Weekend activities!

I made cookies out of my birthday cook book. They didn't really come out looking like the picture. They have rice cereal and strawberry jam and are therefore a great breakfast food.

Today was "Bocce Fun Day" at Dorethea Dix Park in Hampden. It was a chance for those who have never played the game to give it a try. This man is 88, it was his first game and he made some great throws with the bocce ball.

This is the lucky athelete and her coach who were selected to be on Team USA at the World Games in China!

It was a beautiful fall day!

Of course, Butch was there!

He loves a photo op!

I fed Matt Bloody Mary's on Friday night and then whooped his sorry butt at Scrabble.


Anonymous said...

The cookies look just like a Martha demonstration.
Check out our new carolers; they need more work. Your mother has decided that the woman needs a new head--I agree.
The old family of carolers was donated to a needy family.

susan said...

Needy people need carolers?